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Martyn Jones, long-time consultant, Big Data Contrarian and joyful Welshman is the author of Laughing@BigData.

Martyn’s range of knowledge, skills and experience span executive management, organizational strategy, strategic business performance and information management, leadership, business analysis, business and data architectures, data management, and executive and team coaching. He has worked with and advised many of the world’s best-known organizations.

Martyn agreed to speak with me about his new book, his approach and advice to business leaders while social distancing in Spain (April 16, 2020).

Show Notes

General list of topics (with approximate minute marker)

  • Why Martyn spend time Big Data Laughing. [0′]
  • What is Big Data? And, what every CEO should know about it? [14′]
  • Agile@Scale? (It’s neither Agile nor Scrum) [20′]
  • COVID-19 in Spain, a view from rural Spain as of April 16. [26]
  • Statisticians versus Data Scientists [31′]
  • Optimizing Social Utility – “Look, this is serious” [36′]
  • What should every organizations be doing? What should they not be doing? What should they be actively avoiding? [39′]
  • “To what end?” Grounding conversations with Big Data B.S. artists. [48′]