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Want a copy of The 80/20 Power Grid Method in Practice?

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Once upon a time, I thought that talk about World Class methodologies and Best Practices as just so much marketing and of little interest to ownership and management.

For example, do you really care how your pizza is made as long as it tastes great?

Consider your experience. I imagine you have read about, sampled and practiced your share of paradigms, mindsets and methodologies.

As you no doubt know, many of these work. What I have found is that stripped of their branding the best of these pretty much reduce to the same core set of principles.

And so, I have long been reluctant to go on and on about my methodology, especially as our methodology is at its core the well known (albeit little practiced) 80/20 Principle, upon which we have built The 80/20 Power Grid.

The 80/20 Power Grid is a simplified tool you can use right away with little to no learning curve. After all, you already know the 80/20 Principle. The tool helps you to leverage the power of the principle, rather than acknowledge and ignore it (“yes, yes, yes, 80/20, blah, blah, blah; now what are those fifty-five things that absolutely must be done right away?”)

It is easy to use and it is backwards compatible with most any methodologies that you may use, from the Theory of Constraints to Scrum to DevOps and on and on…

I have found that it helps to get what matters most done, rather than more things done. (You know the difference, right?)

I can describe it to you in detail. In fact, I have given talks about it in front of organizations like the Ohio Facilities Construction Conference. I have a transcript with slides that I can share you.


Want a copy of The 80/20 Power Grid Method in Practice?

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