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It is Time to Be Open for Business

Every number has a name; every name has a family--somewhere. I mourn their loss. I am grateful to the healthcare workers and first responders, as always. And, I am grateful that the peak of the pandemic appears to be passing, at least here in the US. Numbers change...

How to Lead a Project with an 80/20 Power Grid

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Reading Time: 10 minutes We live in a world where the volume of useful, relevant, interesting information available at our fingertips, within earshot, at a moment’s glance, vastly exceeds our capacity to intake, digest, consider, process, reflect upon and take action upon. So, how can you lead a complex, construction project with thousands of requirements with a one-page 80/20 Power Grid&#x2122;?

Single Biggest Issue – Response Recap

  Over the holidays, I had asked my network for topics to write about - see Single Biggest Challenge. The response has been great. As I write this, I am still going through the responses. Before all else: thank you very much to each and all! I am a big believer...

The Death of the Dollar: Will Your Business Survive?

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Reading Time: 6 minutes The death of the dollar means that, as business owners, we must prepare for continued pricing pressures, increased supply chain volatility and higher borrowing costs. The dollar as the center of the global monetary system is coming to an end. As a result, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board will have increasingly less control and impact over what happens internationally. It will also have less leeway in how it goes about its business, managing interest rates as well as inflation and deflation here in the U.S.

Is Your Business a Holy Ride Yourself to Know?

Bring meaning and purpose to your businessA business moves from simply surviving to thriving by way of a relentless focus on adding value to the lives of its customers. Peter Drucker had it right: “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” Take...

One Part Valuation, One Part Negotiation

There is an inherent tension in a negotiation between a founder and an investor. An experienced investor knows this. Even an inexperienced investor knows this. Anybody who has ever been asked to provide money in exchange for an intangible - or tangible asset - knows...

Cash Flow Worries?

If you are concerned about your business cash flow, then you should be using a cash flow forecast.*** Indeed, I urge you to use a daily cash flow forecast to run your business, to set out the basic principles and prerequisites for implementing and using a forecast and...