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Frequently Asked Questions

I frequently get asked questions, both in real-life and on various social media platforms like Quora, Gab, Minds, etc.

I have curated the most popular of these here.


How to Lead a Project with an 80/20 Power Grid

Reading Time: 10 minutes We live in a world where the volume of useful, relevant, interesting information available at our fingertips, within earshot, at a moment’s glance, vastly exceeds our capacity to intake, digest, consider, process, reflect upon and take action upon. So, how can you lead a complex, construction project with thousands of requirements with a one-page 80/20 Power Grid&#x2122;?

Today, The Ice Will Hold

Reading Time: 4 minutes Yes, with each step, we feel it is colder still. We share laughter amid our steps. Finally, it is cold enough. The ice will hold, we say. Today, the ice will hold.

The Death of the Dollar: Will Your Business Survive?

Reading Time: 6 minutes The death of the dollar means that, as business owners, we must prepare for continued pricing pressures, increased supply chain volatility and higher borrowing costs. The dollar as the center of the global monetary system is coming to an end. As a result, the U.S. Federal Reserve Board will have increasingly less control and impact over what happens internationally. It will also have less leeway in how it goes about its business, managing interest rates as well as inflation and deflation here in the U.S.

Keep On Keeping On

We live in violent times. In Paris, there are scenes of people going about their lives with some sense of normalcy. Normalcy as act of solidarity. Normalcy as an act of defiance. We are thinking about when and where the next attack will be. And we try not to think, as...

What you can learn from Losing a Million Dollars

What Not To Do One summer, legendary trader Jim Paul entered a trade based on fundamentals, insight and intuition. As the trade entered its second month, Paul knew he had a winner. He was sitting on a substantial gain and was dreaming about even greater profits. That...

Purpose: the Moment of Power in Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes — In this conversation, Bob and Jack discuss the beauty of having a purpose as well as its practical implications. The most important of which is how purpose can influence one’s business decisions, specifically how it shapes exit strategy.

5 Insights into Exit Strategy

From Successful Cleveland Entrepreneur Bob Titmas As owner and CEO of ABCO Fire since 1992, Bob Titmas has presided over the fire protection service company's growth from its Northeast Ohio beginnings into a regional leader in its market across five states. In a...

Customer Service Strategies – Intro

Reading Time: 2 minutes Barbara Khozam is a customer service speaker and expert. She is ranked in the top 1% of leading trainers in the US. Barbara Khozam has spoken to more than 35,000 people throughout 8 countries about customer service strategies and similar topics. In this podcast, Jack (Beacham) talks to Barbara about customer service strategies.

Is Your Business a Holy Ride Yourself to Know?

Bring meaning and purpose to your businessA business moves from simply surviving to thriving by way of a relentless focus on adding value to the lives of its customers. Peter Drucker had it right: “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” Take...

Why 80% of Listed Businesses Do Not Sell

According to Rare Brain Capital: Let’s start with the first reason. The reality is that in many cases business owners create the perfect conditions that reduce company value. When the business owner starts their business, the rules are simple. Don’t take no for an...

Let Many Flowers Bloom in a One Operating System World

Reading Time: 3 minutes Living and dying in a time of COVID-19, no one – particularly no one governmental body, has exclusive competence about any aspect of the disease, what causes it, what can prevent it, the very best way to minimize death, nor how best to not overwhelm the health system.

This is not the time to grant even more power to any central government.

Now is the time to let individuals accomplish what they can by their own initiative and industry; and come together in communities as local conditions permit.

Martyn Jones is Laughing at Big Data

Martyn Jones, long-time consultant, Big Data Contrarian and joyful Welshman is the author of Laughing@BigData. Martyn's range of knowledge, skills and experience span executive management, organizational strategy, strategic business performance and information...

It is Time to Be Open for Business

Every number has a name; every name has a family--somewhere. I mourn their loss. I am grateful to the healthcare workers and first responders, as always. And, I am grateful that the peak of the pandemic appears to be passing, at least here in the US. Numbers change...

Single Biggest Issue – Response Recap

  Over the holidays, I had asked my network for topics to write about - see Single Biggest Challenge. The response has been great. As I write this, I am still going through the responses. Before all else: thank you very much to each and all! I am a big believer...